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Emerson’s Fisher control valve facility

Emerson’s Fisher control valve facility

Emerson unveils chromatograph

The Danalyzer 370XA provides high accuracy measurement with a maintainable module design that simplifies operation and reduces the total cost of ownership

EMERSON Process Management has released the Danalyzer 370XA Gas Chromatograph (GC). Providing reliable measurement accuracy, minimal maintenance and greater ease of use, the Danalyzer 370XA is designed for continuous online analysis of natural gas for applications such as custody transfer, power generation, and burner fuel/air ratio control.

The Danalyzer 370XA provides a C6+ analysis similar to legacy Danalyzer GCs in a much smaller and simpler form. New and experienced users alike will appreciate the latest advances in technology, improved diagnostics, and intuitive local operator interface (LOI), all of which come standard.

A unique advantage of the Danalyzer 370XA is the Maintainable Module, which incorporates the analytical components in an easily removable module. The Maintainable Module can be replaced in the field in approximately two hours (including warm-up and purge), and can be maintained at the component level for cost-effective repair.

Easy to use software assistants on the full-color LCD local operator interface reduce the need for specialized training by providing a step-by-step walk through of common operational and maintenance functions such as changing calibration gas, auto-valve timing and module replacement. The Danalyzer 370XA can be pole-mounted, wall-mounted or floor-mounted. No shelter is required for most environments.

“Emerson has pioneered gas measurement analysis for over 30 years,” says Shane Hale, product marketing manager for Emerson, Rosemount Analytical. “Today, we continue to develop and perfect gas chromatography with the XA Series. With the addition of the Danalyzer 370XA, Emerson addresses more of our customer’s needs by introducing a reliable, accurate, and operator friendly GC that lowers the cost of ownership.”

Emerson Process Management has expanded the fulfilment capabilities of its Fisher control valves business in the Middle East and Africa to help customers meet their production requirements.

The Best Match programme for Fisher delivers valve assemblies within a 4-week lead-time. Best Match orders are supported with a large inventory in Dubai, ensuring that these constructions are routed to the manufacturing plant and delivered to customer sites on time.

Complementing this is the Quick Ship – Parts programme, which provides customers with access to over 4,000 critical Fisher spare parts. Emerson has the capability to meet emergency spares demand within 24 hours, allowing customers to get their facility back online quickly and maximize profitability. By using OEM parts, reliability and safety is ensured.

In addition, under the Quick Ship – Valves programme, there is a dedicated team focused on delivery of quality Fisher products in timescales shorter than factory lead-times. This team provides emergency service to minimise production disruption and downtime.

Finally, under the Project Execution programme, Emerson’s Fisher business has made significant organisational and operational changes to improve the execution of highly complex projects in the region. This programme makes sure that solutions, people, and services arrive in sequence and on time to keep schedules uninterrupted.

To implement these programmes, Emerson has made significant facility investments in the Middle East and Africa.

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