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Calder’s MultiJet trailer

Calder’s MultiJet trailer

HOEIT joins hands with Calder for hydro jetting pumps

The partnership assures that the kingdom’s requirements for quality hydro jetting pumps and solutions are not only met but are exceeded, in the areas of product reliability, efficiency and lowest cost of ownership

AS MASSIVE investments started taking place in the Gulf, particularly in Saudi Arabia, House of Energy & Industrial Technologies Co Ltd (HOEIT), in 2009-10 strategically formed an alliance with hydro jetting and oil and gas pump packager and pump system manufacturer Calder Ltd, which is headquartered in the UK.

The partnership was developed to cater to the growing demand for high pressure hydro jetting pump units, systems and specialist cleaning accessories enabling the latest technologically advanced products to improve the cleaning, cutting and descaling applications required for the support industry’s companies within Saudi Arabia and the GCC.

With the introduction of Calder’s operations and their experienced staff now based in Saudi Arabia and Bahrain, the service industries contractors and end-users alike can benefit from some 35 years’ of experience in the supply and technical selection of pump systems up to 3,000 bar (45,000 psi) within the refinery, chemical, petrochemical, power, water, mining and general industrial sectors.

“Our key strengths are our association with world-class organisations, customer service, strong management team, rapid and flexible adaptation of market requirements and innovative client partnerships,” says Adel Al Hashim, managing director, HOEIT.

“With Calder’s vast experience, expertise and track record of supplying global high pressure hydro jetting contractors equipment designed and built for some of the world’s toughest oil and gas applications onshore and offshore in temperatures ranging from -45 deg C to + 60 deg C, our clients can be assured that their requirements for quality hydro jetting pumps and solutions are not only met but are exceeded, in the areas of product reliability, efficiency and lowest cost of ownership,” he adds.

In establishing its partnership with Calder, HOEIT – based in Al Khobar, Saudi Arabia – is already supplying skid, trailer, containerised pump systems, a massive range of hydro jetting accessories including jetting lances, foot valves, tube nozzles, pipe cleaning jets to leading hydro jetting contractors in Jubail, Yanbu and Jeddah easily and quickly from its well-stocked Al Khobar warehouse facility.

Product, application knowledge and innovation in pump technology, reliability and plant cleaning efficiency improvements have been pioneered by companies like Calder and their pump partner Hammelmann, based in Oelde, Germany, who feature strongly in the pump systems they supply to the kingdom’s contractors.

For example, it is now possible to clean tanks – large crude, process and chemical.

Steve Sharp, sales director at Calder comments: “Through the HOEIT-Calder partnership, for the first time, it is now possible for hydro jetting contractors within Saudi Arabia to call a local hydro jetting equipment specialist with application and product knowledge and have the product they need for a shutdown or emergency plant critical cleaning job delivered to them the same day, as we hold everything from the smallest spare part or nozzle to a complete pump unit in facility in Al Khobar.”

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