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Eurotechnology ... one-stop shop approach

Eurotechnology ... one-stop shop approach

Delivering unique technical solutions

Eurotechnology leads the way in terms of using ultrasonic, EMI technologies and non-contact wall systems employed in tubular inspection

EUROTECHNOLOGY is a long established oil and gas service company providing innovative technical service solutions for non-destructive testing (NDT), hardbanding, refurbishment of tools and equipment, machining, tubular end threading and the manufacturer of inspection equipment, CNC threading systems, hardbanding units, high pressure pumps and washing systems and related tools and equipment.

The wide ranging portfolio provided by the Eurotechnology Group through its advanced technologies is supported by state-of-the-art operations and sophisticated operating systems, logistical support, quality management systems and training.

The equipment designed, manufactured and supplied by Eurotechnology is utilised in its own service operations that allows the company to capture the ever changing requirements of its clients so it can carry out any updates or redesign and obtain the results in real time. Eurotechnology leads the way in terms of using ultrasonic, electromagnetic inspection (EMI) technologies and non-contact wall systems employed in tubular inspection.

The Eurotechnology group incorporates several entities with the main operating company being Eurotechnology International that primarily takes care of the service side of the business and Eurotechnology Incon for manufacturing, engineering, technical support and training. It’s technologies are utilised throughout Europe, North America, the Middle East, Africa and the Far East either directly to the end user via its service operation or equipment supply supported by a technical managed approach.

Eurotechnology International is a wholly-owned company registered in Saudi Arabia with its headquarters based in Al Khobar which has service operations in Jubail and Tanajib.

At its new service base in Tanajib, Eurotechnology offers the innovative one-stop-shop managed approach that focuses on assisting its clients in the day-to-day management and logistics required in support of their oil country tubular goods (OCTG) tubulars, drill strings, tools and equipment inventories employed in the various facets of drilling , completing and working over of the oil and gas wells.

Services covered under the managed approach services include NDT (various types of inspection of tubulars, bottom hole assemblies, drilling and service tools and equipment and completion systems ), quality assurance/quality control (QA/QC) and third party inspection services, hard banding, tungsten redress, threading and refurbishment of OCTG tubular goods and line pipe products.

Logistical support is provided to the end user by a dedicated focal point who is responsible in ensuring that the customer is aware of the situation of its tubulars and equipment inventories at all times via a dedicated real time software interface. With the advent of the Tanajib service base, it now gives the client the ability to store its tubular inventory in the facility which provides the customer with one place to inspect and refurbish it tubulars, tools and related equipment and one focal point to interface with and give peace of mind.

The Eurotechnology group is a major manufacturer and supplier of the specialist inspection equipment, hardbanding systems and innovated threading systems that are now being manufactured in the GCC.

In addition to supplying the specialised state-of-the-art technologies, equipment as well as stand-alone or a combination of services for inspection, hard banding, tubular threading and related systems, Eurotechnology also provides an integrated approach to assist its clients when they require to have their own tubular service plant without the headache of running the day-to-day operations by Eurotechnology undertaking the management, training of the customer’s personnel and operation of the customer’s tubular facility.

Eurotechnology offers its clients NDT inspection training programmes tailored to meet the customer’s personnel training needs supported by Qualified Level III personnel to design and oversee any QA/QC requirements.

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