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DGI ... ‘we achieve our goals’

DGI ... ‘we achieve our goals’

Handling danger

DGI is the logistics firm of choice for handling and transporting dangerous goods

DANGEROUS Goods International (DGI) is a leading specialist in the logistics and transportation of dangerous goods and hazardous materials. It guarantees excellent performance, total reliability and client satisfaction through an in-depth understanding of the most rigorous safety practices.

“Whatever your next dangerous goods handling and transportation challenges, you need the help of a seasoned, committed and experienced global company to lead your way and walk you through the entire process,” says a company spokesperson.

As a pioneer in our industry, DGI has helped many clients meet their logistic objectives and significantly increase overall efficiency. Its expertise, capabilities and dedication uniquely positions it to lead its dynamic field. That’s what distinguishes DGI as the pre-eminent solution for dangerous goods and hazardous materials logistics.

“We achieve our goals by transforming challenges into successful results, eliminating risks and demonstrating professional excellence,” he adds.

Today an increasing number of clients are turning to DGI because they foresee the tremendous effect our services can have on their transportation projects, he says.

DGI was established in 1995 to meet the increasing global demand for a reliable, integrated process that manages all aspects involved in dangerous goods logistics. DGI has set new standards in the industry, from the initial consultancy and documentation, to packing and transportation. With offices located throughout Australasia, Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Asia, and with an agent network that covers more than 180 countries, DGI is the best choice for any project.

“At DGI we work closely with each one of our clients to achieve the best possible results. Our understanding of the complex environment in which you operate, and our ability to walk you smoothly throughout the entire transportation process, is priceless,” says the spokesperson.

Today, DGI is a one-stop source for failure-free land, air or sea transportation of dangerous goods. Its knowledge, expertise and resources reflect a dramatic advance over traditional practices. DGI’s strength and exceptional growth are constantly reflected, delivery after delivery, project after project. Employing a professional and disciplined approach, it offers its valued clients a wide range of advantages and benefits, maintaining the highest standards of practice, as well as a strong commitment to perfection.

Choosing a goods logistics company for your next project is one of the most important decisions. It’s a real challenge that involves huge management responsibility. One can’t compromise and can’t take any chances. One needs to choose an experienced and committed company that understands your unique goals and needs.

With a unique ability to combine extensive professional expertise, a drive for perfection and unlimited dedication to its clients’ objectives, DGI is definitely anyone’s true partner for delivering dangerous goods to their destination. Whether large or small shipments, by air, land or sea, it will make sure that the shipment will reach its destination, on time and on budget.

DGI’s devoted team is Dangerous Goods Certified and DGI’s shipments are subject to a rigorous checking system to ensure safety and total compliance with all legal requirements. DGI practices exceed the compliance requirements of multiple dangerous goods regulatory regimes at both the national and international levels.

Working with DGI provides many benefits, such as: fast door-to-door freight services all over the world; domestic door-to-door, same day freight services; domestic and international services that require chartered transport; specialised temperature sensitive transports; time critical dangerous goods shipments and transportation; fast, first available flight delivery of time critical shipments; full monitoring, tracking and reporting on each and every shipment; dangerous goods packaging, packing and documentation; packaging materials are either UN approved or fully compliant with regulations; correct packing or over-packing to ensure consignments are fully compliant; extensive document preparation for transportation; international and domestic dry shipper service; training courses and regulatory certification for dangerous goods transportation; 24/7 emergency phone number for ongoing support; dangerous goods/hazardous materials disposal, removal and handling; unlimited on site supply of dry ice at any quantity; incident control by acting as a designated representative 24 by 365 days and proficient in all nine classes of dangerous goods.

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